Next Examination: 27 January 2019. Registration deadline: 18 December 2018
The following VEC examinations are already available. Please check this list regularly as new vocations are added.
Examination Description
1 Accounting PDF icon CP Accounting Exam Description
2 Agricultural Engineering PDF icon CP Agricultural Engineering Exam Description
3 Agriculture PDF icon CP Agriculture Exam Description
4 Air Force PDF icon CP Air Force Exam Description
5 Architecture PDF icon CP Architecture Exam Description
6 Art & Design PDF icon CP Art & Design Exam Description
7 Au Pair PDF icon CP Au Pair Exam Description
8 Banking PDF icon CP Banking Exam Description
9 Beauty Salon PDF icon CP Beauty Salon Exam Description
10 Business English PDF icon CP Business English Exam Description
11 Call Centers PDF icon CP Call Center Exam Description
12 Civil Aviation PDF icon CP Civil Aviation Exam Description
13 Command & Control PDF icon CP Command & Control Exam Description
14 Computer Engineering PDF icon CP Computer Engineering Exam Description
15 Computing PDF icon CP_Computing_Exam_Descr.pdf
16 Construction I - Buildings PDF icon CP Construction I - Buildings Exam Description
17 Construction II - Roads And Highways PDF icon CP Construction II Exam Description
18 Cooking PDF icon CP Cooking Exam Description
19 Dentistry PDF icon CP Dentistry Exam Description
20 Electrician PDF icon CP Electrician Exam Description
21 Electronics PDF icon CP Electronics Exam Description
22 Engineering PDF icon CP Engineering Exam Description
23 Environmental Engineering PDF icon CP Environmental Engineering Exam Description
24 Environmental Science PDF icon CP Environmental Science Exam Description
25 Finance PDF icon CP Finance Exam Description
26 Firefighter PDF icon CP Firefighter Exam Description
27 Fishing & Seafood Industry PDF icon CP Fishing & Seafood Industry Exam Description
28 Fitness Training PDF icon CP Fitness Training Exam Description
29 Flight Attendant PDF icon CP Flight Attendant Exam Description
30 Food Service Industries PDF icon CP Food Service Industries Exam Description
31 Hotels & Catering PDF icon CP Hotels & Catering Exam Description
32 Information Technology PDF icon CP Information Technology Exam Description
33 Insurance PDF icon CP Insurance Exam Description
34 Kindergarten Teacher PDF icon CP Kindergarten Teacher Exam Description
35 Law PDF icon CP Law Exam Description
36 Logistics PDF icon CP Logistics Exam Description
37 Management I PDF icon CP Management I Exam Description
38 Management II PDF icon CP Management II Exam Description
39 MBA PDF icon CP MBA English Exam Description
40 Mechanic PDF icon CP Mechanic Exam Description
41 Mechanical Engineering PDF icon CP Mechanical Engineering Exam Description
42 Medical PDF icon CP Medical Exam Description
43 Merchant Navy PDF icon CP Merchant Navy Exam Description
44 Natural Resources II - Mining PDF icon CP Natural Resources II - Mining Exam Description
45 Navy PDF icon CP Navy Exam Description
46 Nursing PDF icon CP Nursing Exam Description
47 Nutrition & Dietetics PDF icon CP Nutrition & Dietetics Exam Description
48 Petroleum I PDF icon CP Petroleum I Exam Description
49 Petroleum II PDF icon CP Petroleum II Exam Description
50 Physician's Assistant PDF icon CP Physician's Assistant Exam Description
51 Physiotherapy PDF icon CP Physiotherapy Exam Description
52 Police PDF icon CP Police Exam Description
53 Sales & Marketing PDF icon CP Sales & Marketing Exam Description
54 Secretarial PDF icon CP Secretarial Exam Description
55 Security Personnel PDF icon CP Security Personnel Exam Description
56 Software Engineering PDF icon CP Software Engineering Exam Description
57 Sports PDF icon CP Sports Exam Description
58 Taxi Drivers PDF icon CP Taxi Drivers Exam Description
59 Tourism PDF icon CP Tourism Exam Description
60 World Cup PDF icon CP World Cup Exam Description
61 Worldwide Sports Events PDF icon CP Worldwide Sports Events Exam Description